Monday, February 8, 2010

Thanks... Lesson learned... I hope

Yesterday I got pulled over for speeding... again... the second time in the last month. I tried crying to get out of the ticket but for some reason that never seems to work for me. Of course I'm fully aware that I deserve it but that doesn't mean I want it.

anyway I was a little hysterical last night. Now that I've slept I realize I caused myself to learn this lesson the hard way. I could have gone the speed limit and avoided the ticket. I could also have gotten into a bad accident where me or someone else was hurt or killed. Today I wish to thank all the police officers out there who do their job. Its not easy. NO one wants to see you... everyone avoids you and yet there you are to protect them no matter what.

I wish I could go back to last night and thank that police officer for saving me from a harder lesson but unfortunately this is the best I can do. So thanks!