Monday, September 14, 2009

Dating Dating and more Dating!!

So this past week the fam went up to park city. Which was a ton of fun we did lots of shopping and playing... it was really great.... but the highlight of my weekend is this.

The previous saturday I went to our pledge breakfast and met a friend (Heather) of a friend (Chris). We started talking. This friend had invited me to go to the nicklecade. unfortunately I was in park city but this Chris mentioned to Heather that I don't seem to go to anything anymore because I have a boyfriend... Which the last time we hung out yes I had a boyfriend.

So I text him and said that I wouldn't be able to hang out tonight since I'm on vacation in park city with the family... not because I have a boyfriend. so Chris and I proceeded to talk. And he discovered that I no longer have a boyfriend. and we made plans to hang out on friday when I got back from park city.

On wednesday Nikkole mentioned that our hang out was actually going to be a date... I was in complete denial because chris and I are just friends. Anyway so I text him and asked who else would be hanging out with us... and he said that actually he was thinking of just taking me out on a date.

So we go on this date... and I'm thinking we're just friends. THis is just for fun... and besides I said I wanted to go on a date every weekend. Well it turns out I really like him ... and he likes me... so I believe we're dating now... but its not official yet!! YAY me! I knew this would be great year!

Anyway just thought I'd share!