Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lemons anyone?

You know the saying when life throws you lemons make lemonade... well I've had my fair share of lemons and I'm not really good at making lemonade, I'm more than willing to share! Any takers?

So for the past week I have gotten very little sleep because our lovely apartment doesn't have air conditioning and the fan I bought broke the day after I bought it. So yesterday I went to exchange it and got a new fan only to find that this new fan didn't have all of the pieces I would need to put it together... AAAH I wanted to throw it out the window.

On top of it all I failed my first accounting test... no surprise accounting isn't my favorite subject its more a means to an end but to fail it yikes...

And then today as I was getting off the bus to go to work my shoe broke so I spent the first hour and a half of work shopping for new shoes... yeah talk about your case of lemons! you would think I got my case from cosco or something!

So now I ask again anyone for some lemons? I've got a whole case here ready to be taken... I won't even charge...!!!

Ok now to think of something positive.... I'm currently training for a marathon... its been really fun so far... I'm mainly doing it so I can get into shape but I have heard there are lots of really good looking guys that run so that adds some motivation!!! :) We'll see how long I last I'm not much of a runner just ask Justin and Nikkole... they about died of laughter when I told them I was training for a marathon and not that I blame them it is kind of a funny thought! :)

Alright well thats it for today!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Flirting... whats that?

You know its crazy how life turns out. Last year I never would have thought I would be sharing an apartment with my brother up in the avenues. But here I am... I live 3 minutes from work and love it! Also I have a great ward! They are all so friendly... especially the guys! although I suspect its the "New Girl" sydrome. That will be dying down pretty soon but I might as well enjoy it! I'm learning how to flirt again and its fun! They flirt with me and I flirt with them... of course there aren't too many of them that I would date... and most of them are total players but its fun anyway. I really enjoy making new friends and meeting new people even though it can be scary sometimes. But I feel this move was a good move for me.

I also started school again this week. Yay exciting eh! I'm only taking one class this semester so I hope I won't be too stressed this time!

That seems to be all for now!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Have any of you seen Stranger than Fiction? I get a lot of mixed reviews with it but I actually found it quite funny. Anyway it kind of makes me think if my life were a movie or a book what type of movie or book would it be? Tragedy, Mystery, Romance (definantly not) Comedy, Sci Fi, .... I've decided it definantly has to be a Comedy... I haven't really had anything too tragic happen to me, I'm pretty much an open book so mystery is out, Romance... yeah thats funny if only you knew what my dating life was like, Sci Fi.. pretty sure my neighbors aren't aliens, so I guess I would be Comedy.

Its really the only genre that would fit. I often trip over my own feet, run into walls, laugh so hard I snort and cry, I embarass myself often infront of the guy that I happen to find attractive at the moment. Yep I would say Definantly a Comedy!

What Kind of Movie or Book would you be?