Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ok so in the past year I've really been on this reading craze! I have always loved reading but in the past year I can't seem to read enough books. I have read everything from Pride and Prejudice to right now reading Enders game.

I do have to admit I have also gotten into the Twilight series! They are such good books I can't imagine anyone not liking them... well guys maybe!I'm super excited for the 4th book to come out this august! But seriously that girl has talent! I recently read her new book The Host and well lets just say I got the book Monday evening and Finished it Friday evening. It was a really great book.

ok so I'm probably sounding really nerdy right now but you know I'm ok with that! It is what it is! I highly recommend these books.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just me

Sometimes I wish life would stop throwing curve balls. I'm tired of trying to swing at them and missing! Ok maybe I'm not so good at the sports analogies but what do you expect from someone who doesn't play any sports! well except hockey but thats different! :)

I really do have a great life... I couldn't ask for better parents. But sometimes I wonder why we are asked to face certain challenges. I guess there is a higher plan and someday I'll understand!
I know that the challenges I've faced in the past I've really grown from them. But can't I just call a time out... or maybe just smack some sense into the person thats causing the challenge... I mean seriously enough is enough. How long can we really play these little kid games of I'm not going to talk to them unless they admit their wrong... just so they can feel better about their crazy mind!

I'm also tired of being a pushover. I'm tired of people guilting me into things I don't want to do. I have a mind of my own and I'm perfectly capable of making my own decisions. I dont' need the approval of others to make me happy or to make me feel justified in my decision. (ok so really I do but maybe if I say it enough it'll be true) But I'm 24 years old its time for me to be me.

ok I guess I've done enough venting. And hopefully those that read this don't take offense. This is really just a good outlet for me.:)

On a happy note I feel that maybe some of my relatives don't really know who I am. Sometimes I feel that I dont' fit in and so its hard for me to be myself. I know in the family I'm known as the shy one but if they really knew me they would realize thats not really my defining characteristic. I admit I can seem really shy but that doesn't define me. So for those that really care let me introduce myself. Hi I'm Crystal Lynn Crowther I was born on September 3, 1983 which makes me 24 years old. Of course you all know that...

I love Spicey food though I get pretty bad heart burn from it... I eat it anyway because its worth the pain to me! (Possibly not the smartest thing for me to do) My favorite food is Pizza for some reason I can't resist it. I don't do well with dairy but again I suffer through it because I love Ice Cream.

I love playing games, card games especially. I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh. My favorite sport to play is Street Hockey. I'm usually the goalie it works for me. I love to sing but only for fun. I don't like to be in choirs. Of course I'm more than willing to help out the ward choir... thats a bit different and a great way to meet people!

I love to watch movies... I'm more inclined to watch comedies since again I love to laugh but I have found a few action movies that I love to watch like "Live free and Die Hard"

My favorite color is pink. As if you couldn't tell from the color of my blog. It just makes me feel happy.

I love to travel. Though I really don't do much of it. Someday I wish to see more of the world. I have dreams of visiting places like New Zealand and Italy. But I would most like to visit England I love to hear my dad talk about the places he's been there. You can tell he really loved to serve there and that he truely cares about the people. One day I hope to go there and see for myself the places he's been and be able to share his love for that country.

I love living in the United States. It really is a blessed land. I love the freedoms that I have here. Of course I'm not really political. Infact I don't like talking about politics. I hate the feeling that comes when politics are brought up. But I guess its a necessary evil. :)

I like dating but I've never been in a serious relationship at least not one that I realized was serious when I was in it. Life does still exist even though I'm single. It can be a touchy subject with me because it almost feels like in the mormon culture if your not married by a certain age your life is useless. Well that just isn't true, just because I'm single doesn't mean you can't talk to me... don't worry being single isnt' contagious! :) Those views are probably my own insecurities since I can't relate to having babies and married life. From my perspective it just feels that if I'm not dating anyone I'm not worth talking to.

I'm not writing this to make everyone feel sorry for me its just me being honest. Some day I hope to meet a guy that will sweep me off my feet but for now I'm enjoying my life... and I have several funny dating stories that I would never have been able to laugh at or experience if I were married before I got to experience them. And trust me I do laugh.

Well I think I've rambled long enough one day. :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Me again

Well even though no one really reads this its good for me to write since I haven't been very good at keeping a journal... and we all know how interesting my life is!

ok so lets see my life still hasnt' changed a whole lot but you know I'm actually ok with that! I got my grades back from this last semester and drum roll please (drum roll in the background) I got a B+ in spanish and an A in accounting! wow I couldn't believe it. I think I stared at the screen in shock for at least 10 minutes! So now I'm feeling a bit more confident in taking my 2nd accounting class this summer!

Anywho lets see what else would yall like to know about me? I've chopped my hair again... this seems to happen about every 6 months although I don't have a camera so I can't show ya'll what it looks like but its been a pretty good success! Not that I cut my hair to meet guys but since I've gone back to "the Flip" I've had more guys flirting with me and more dating potential... it's crazy! of course I don't see a real relationship anywhere in the near future but ya know its fun! Funny as this may sound but I think for once I'm actually content with where I am in my life... I'm not comparing myself to anyone else and I'm learning a lot about me its great! I'm also learning how to be myself around people that I've never met! Its great! well anyway I guess thats all I have to say for now.

Life is wonderful!