Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Nerves

With the start of the school year brings more stress! The good news is I'm almost done. When I read Nikki's blog it brought me back to my first semester of college:

I woke up at 6:00 AM my stomach was all in knots! I had no idea what to expect. I couldn't eat breakfast that morning because I thought I would lose it. My hands were soaking. I went through the items in my bag several times... I didn't want to be called on unprepared. Mom drove me to school that day... the air conditioning was going full blast... this seems to be the only thing that can stop the nausea when i'm nervous! Mom wished me luck once we got to the school... I gave her a shakey smile and headed off to my first class.

I remember thinking... I'm not cut out for school... I'm not smart enough for this. What was I thinking? Why am I putting myself through this torture? This can't be healthy!

Now here I am 6 years later my last semester at SLCC... its amazing how things have changed. I even forgot when school started this year. I had no butterflies just utter exhaustion... I fell asleep in both classes, there are no trace of nerves in my system just the mundane routine of going to work then from work to school. I never thought I would get use to this. Now I'm glad I'm almost done... at SLCC anyway then its off to the U where my nerves will probably take over again!

Anyway so for those that have started the school year this year **Cough** NIkkole **Cough** It gets easier. I don't think anyone feels totally confident their first semester. It only feels that you are the only one feeling this way because you can only feel what your feeling and you see that those around you appear confident. But trust me YOu can do this. And pretty soon you will be where I am... You'll probably get there a lot sooner! And hey maybe we'll graduate at the same time!! :)

Have a Great DAY!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Water Balloons

As most of you are aware I am the Enrichment Chairperson in my ward. Yikes!! talk about a busy calling... I've had meetings after church every sunday since I've been called. And now that school has started my life has gotten dramatically busier... as if I wasn't busy already.

Anyway so for a few weeks now we have been planning a BBQ with the 41st wards elders quorum... we don't have a lot of guys in our ward so our bishopric thought it would be a good idea to get to know the other wards elders quorum... Anyway so I have the job of filling up a bag of water balloons. So I thought well I'll do that the night before since I have class just before the activity. So after my wednesday night class (9:30) I go in search of water balloons. I didn't realize a bag of water balloons was 250. I got home around 10:30 (I'm not sure why it took me an hour but it did) Anyway so I start my quest in filling up these water balloons.... just a side note I've never been good at tieing balloons. So I fill up the first balloon and it was going well the water was running the balloon was getting bigger.... I take the balloon off the faucet and now I have my least favorite part of tieing the dang thing. so I take the end and wrap it around my finger the next thing I know the balloon slips out of my hand, I'm drenched and so is my kitchen... yikes... This happened with about half the balloons! But I think I only filled about 30 of my 250. I decided around 11:30 that I should get some sleep.

Moral of the story... don't put me in charge of water balloons!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Winnie the Pooh

"When we take the time to enjoy our surroundings and appreciate being alive, we find that we have no time to be Bisy Backsons anymore."

I'm reading this great book called to Tao of Pooh. It talks about the different personalities of the characters in Winnie The Pooh. Its really... enlightening. I love it. I have realized I don't take a lot of time (if any) to enjoy life.

For instance, I ride the bus to work every day... well almost every day... my bus drops me off about half a block from my work. I have never taken the time to enjoy the walk.

Anyway I am just realizing I need to enjoy and appreciate the life and experiences that I have.

The book also talks about this guy who was born in 1677 and lived until 1933... yeah really old. He died at 256 years old. Up until he died he would have a serious of 28 three hour talks on longevity at Chinese University... holy cow... his secret was to enjoy life. He said to "sit like a turtle, walk like a pigeon and sleep like a dog." That was the secret to strong health... I guess I need to see how pigeons walk? huh! ha ha just kidding

Anyway its a really good book so for those of you who haven't read it I think its worth reading! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You Are Snow White!
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Pure and trusting. You are a gentle soul who can get along with just about anyone. Everyone you meet instantly falls in love with you. How can they resist? You have a pure, lovable nature that's irresistable. Just don't trust everyone who comes across your path.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Life is Beautiful

Well those of you that have visited my blog in the past my be surprised by how it looks now... no I didn't magically gain a talent for blogging but my sister who has always been good at this kind of thing has offered to make my blog more presentable!!

thanks Aimee YOu are amazing!!!

OK on to the goings on with me!! Well I survived my accounting class this summer and actually passed with a B+ WAHOO!! I really celebrated after that one! And the best part is I don't have take any more accounting classes! yay!!! I also recently found out that I was enrolled in a class that i don't need to graduate so I will be graduating after this fall semester!! yay! its only taken 6 years. So I'll be off to the U in spring! I'm way excited about that.

For those of you who often wonder about my dating life... No I'm still not dating anyone but I attract plently of wierdos!!! There are a few normal guys in between but at the moment I'm working on getting rid of 2 wierdos who seem to not get the hints when I tell them to go away... I guess I need to get rid of the "ONE in a million talk" (quote from dumb and dumber!!)

I guess thats really all thats been going on... I still get the lemons and sometimes i don't know how to make lemonaide out of them but Life is still good and Lemons always make a good story!