Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crystal Needs...

So thought I would copy my lovely cousin Robyn. So I googled Crystal needs and this is what I got:

-Crystal needs a LOT of love
-Crystal needs someone that will be patience
-Crystal needs a home
-Crystal needs replacement
-Crystal needs to sit in a super-saturated solution to continue growing ( Yay I'll be tall before you know it!!!)
-Crystal needs a park
-Crystal needs to be coated french-english vocabulary (huh?)
-Crystal needs identified
-Crystal needs help
-Crystal needs to chill out

So I thought it was really funny!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you ever have those days where if someone looked at you funny you burst out in tears? I am just way too sensitive... first of all I woke up this morning with very negative thoughts about myself... although true... its probably not good to dwell on the negative. But yesterday I realized I have become a completely selfish person... Anyway so then I get to work and well lets just say something wasn't done correctly and so of course I was talking bad about myself and then to have that happen the tears just started to come I couldn't stop them. I knew I was crying for no reason but when I would tell myself that I would cry harder... Boy do I hate being sensitive!!! Anyway I realize I shouldn't post this but sometimes I just need to let it out, so I'm going to anyway.... sorry for the negativity:)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Love to Sweat

Ok So it has now been a week since I started training. There are a few things I learned.
1. Running isn't as easy at it looks.
2. The Treadmill is completely different from running outside.
3. I love the feeling when I've just completed a run. I'm dripping in sweat, I'm sore and completely worn out.... I love it!

Thats all I've learned so far but training is going ok. There are days when I just don't think I can do it but I always have someone there to tell me that I can... Anywho! Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Sweat the Soreness... The prices we pay to be fit!!

So as some of you may have read in Nikkole's Blog, I am training for a marathon. And yes while I am only running 5 miles... 5 miles is a lot for me.

I'm the girl in the gym class who just didn't have it. Every friday we had to run a mile and a half and those that made it in 14 minutes could just walk the next week. I wanted so much to be part of that group. So one friday I decided to go for it. So I ran my hear out being very careful to count each lap... Well I ran the mile and half in 15 minutes. Yep I was a minute short and so sick I could hardly stand. So my teacher watching me run throughout the 15 minutes said... "I think you ran an extra lap" So I ended up being able to walk the next week. But I know I didn't he just felt so bad for me. Pathetic I know but it'll get better the more I do it right?

Yesterday was day 2 of training... I'm super sore but I love it. Although I have a lot of work ahead of me if I'm going to be ready for the 5 miles, just ask Nikkole and Justin! But they have been a huge help. Anyway thats all for now :)