Thursday, October 23, 2008

Me and all of my Clumsiness!

so the last couple of weeks have proven me incredibly clumsy... for those of you that have read twilight... I'm pretty close to Bella. So last week I was running a bit late for my wednesday night class. As I was climbing the 4 flights of stairs I was running past people trying to get to class on time and then my foot slipped and I kid you not it was in slow motion. I totally fell in this crowded stairwell. I was so embarrassed! But of course I laughed at myself because well what else can you do right!

So the next day I'm leaving my class and I pull out my phone to see if I had any messages... I'm doing this while going down the stairs by the way. And I totally missed the last step and fell... yikes... there is something wrong with me...

And it gets better! So on tuesday I was running out of work trying to catch my bus. and I get there just as the doors close.... so the busy driver was very nice and opened the doors for me... as I scramble on to the bus I missed a step... yep totally tripped... that was embarrassing... my book went flying! I then got up and everyone on the bus was staring at me... so I had to endure that bus ride! Anyway luckily I'm use to embarrassing myself so I just sat there laughing. Its also a good thing the bus ride is only about 10 minutes!

So thats me in all my clumsiness!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Patience anyone?

so I've always known that if you pray for patience you will be tried so that you gain that patience... so I decided that I would never pray for patience to avoid that! ha! Apparently it is unavoidable!

So with the market going down we have a lot of phone calls with people freaking out! literally!!! Anyway sometimes well most of the time they kind of stutter around their words because they don't really know what they are asking... I often find myself wanting to say "t-t-t-today Junior!" If any of you have seen Billy Madison you'll know what I'm talking about! I know that this is a chance for me to gain patience but come on! get to the point! The market is down it happens! We're just buying at discount... sales are good right?!

And then with my calling I am working with a girl that just gets under my skin but I have to report to her with everything that I do... urgh! I'm about ready to say I'm done... YOu can do it! ....Maybe I'll give it a few more weeks!

And then there are people at work... wait I won't even get started on that...anyway....

Sorry just venting is all!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OOPS!! I forgot to post!

Holy cow life goes by fast! Sorry for not writing in forever... lets see what is new with me.... school is going good! It's midterms FINALLY! well actually midterms were last week but I'm glad to have them over with just the same!

Work is going well... its busy since the stock market is down... I'm kind of tired of all the panic phone calls! I swear if I have to hear someone else say they heard they have to cash out their accounts because their mattress is safer I am going to scream! well maybe not scream... its not my money after all!

I'm on the 21 day cleanse and right now I have 9 days left... my clothes are fitting a bit looser and I have all of this pent up energy most of the time... the scary part is its all natural... no sugar added! :) anyway...only 9 more days until I can eat something besides veggies and fruit!

Dating is going GREAT! I actually found some one normal to date... we've been going out for about a month and I've lost a lot of sleep since then! But its worth it right! Who needs sleep anyway! :)

Well I hope this helps ya'll catch up to whats going on with me! love ya!